Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Healing Process

It actually wasn't all that bad until I laughed and coughed, but still, it wasn't all that bad.  :D

Waiting to go in was extremely exciting and nerve wrecking.  
Me first!
Mama second!
One after another we both did our thing.  It was like a baton pass, but with a kidney!  There were 11 transplants that day, our surgeons had to do them back to back.

Awake again
Waking up in recovery was easy peasy, I don't even remember a thing!

Going to visit mama right after she was done is a must.  Not knowing was probably one of the hardest parts, because her surgery turned out a bit longer than they had anticipated. 

Mama rests
My daily walk to visit Mama down the hall
Daily exercise to keep the blood flowing and the body energized for healing.  She stayed over a week, where as I was out on day 3 of recovery.  It will take her awhile longer to heal up, because she is on immunosuppressants now. 

Week 1 - Extremely bloated

Healing process was a lot quicker than I had expected, at least from the looks of it.  They blew CO2 gas into my belly so the layers of skin, muscle and tissues will separate and they can go in to see my organs during the laparoscopic operation.

I was told that my incisions under the skin were completely different from what it looks like on the outside (pictures).  There is a cut from the middle of my C-section up to my belly button.  My artery, vein and ureter are clipped together with titanium sutures.  

Anyway, we just have to rest up lots and be very careful when getting up and lifting things.  

Week 2 - All stitchy and scabby
It takes 6 months to completely heal I was told.  We'll just all have to be patient.  

Week 5 - One of the incisions' already disappeared!
Keep your eyes peeled for the Organ Donation Awareness Bike Fundraiser beginning April, 2016.

Unfortunately my mother would not allow me to take photos of her incisions healing because she is ashamed of it (it's a bit over 6 inches above her right pelvic bone).  But she's healing quite fine, just a lot slower.  She's still at that bandage peeling state. 

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